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Personal Care

We put residents choices first and we go the extra mile to make sure they get the most from life. From our fresh home-cooked and nutritionally balanced food to our lively social events, everything we do is aimed towards maintaining and improving the lifestyles our residents expect and deserve. .

For those who have made the decision to live within a care home community, we have designated floors where those residents can benefit from a wide range of support as well as companionship rather than being isolated and lonely in their own homes.

From help with daily living activities such as dressing to easy access to visiting external professionals such as GPs, residents benefit from the safety and security of their welcoming surroundings.

All residents who live with us are encouraged to enjoy their lives exactly as they did before living at the care home, and we offer a wide range of activities within the local community and in the care home.

Heatherlea House is fully equipped to provide the next level of care as requirements change and the level of need increases, offering a smooth transition from one level of support to another.

We have created a relaxing environment, signs that are easy to identify and work together to create a space in which residents can easily familiarise themselves with their surroundings.